Paycard Program Selling Points

Communication is the key to a successful paycard deployment. It is important to identify your target audience and design your communications appropriately. Your target audience will most likely include employees who do not have bank accounts or have limited access to traditional banking services, millennials, and others who continue to receive paper paychecks.

Your communications should explain why your organization has decided to offer paycards and how employees will benefit from the program. Provide concrete examples of the advantages of paycards over paper paychecks. Often, employees who rely on check cashing services are surprised to learn how much money they can save by taking advantage of the free methods of cash access available through paycard programs. The convenience and security of paycards also are strong selling points. Identify the things employees can do with a paycard that they cannot do with a paper paycheck, such as making purchases and paying bills online or over the telephone. Emphasize that paycards provide employees who do not have a checking or savings accounts with a safe place to store their funds, and that employees are protected in the event that a card is lost or stolen.

See additional selling points under For Employees/ Employee Advantages

Your communications should anticipate questions from your employees and attempt to answer them. They also should educate employees on how to use paycards to their best advantage.