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Payroll professionals are keenly aware of the inherent benefits of deploying an electronic pay program within their organization. Upon doing so, their employer can save money and resources associated with payroll processing and distribution costs while employees benefit with the peace of mind of knowing that their wages are accurately and consistently deposited into their personal bank account. View the Employer's Guide to Payroll Cards.

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Employer Advantages >>

Discover important reasons for implementing a payroll card in your organization.

Implementation >>

Exploring the methodology to develop a successful paycard program.


Promoting Participation >>

Promoting your program to the specific employees who are the intended users of the cards.

Compliance & Regulations >>

Integrating paycards into wage payment programs and updates on this rapidly developing area of the law.

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Frequently asked questions about paycard programs and characteristics.

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Research paycard information through webinars, articles, the Toolkit and more.