rapid! PayCard

rapid! Disbursements enables companies to achieve a 100% ePayroll solution and help reduce the costs of issuing and returning paper checks, drive productivity increases and provide the type of loyalty and payment delivery convenience employees are looking for. Our platform offers a broad range of disbursement options including the rapid! PayCard Visa Payroll Card, rapid! On Demand’s early access to accrued wages, eWallet payouts, digital checks and retail cash pick up.

Brought to you by Green Dot, a publicly traded fintech company and a bank holding company with deep understanding of wage and gig economy disbursements, so you don’t need multiple service providers. With a simple interface or file transfer, rapid! Disbursements enables companies to improve and transform their payroll disbursements. You won’t need significant IT resources or multiple service providers to make it a reality.

This innovative platform powers Apple Pay Cash and enables most Uber drivers to be paid instantly up to 5X a day. In other words, it comes with proven scalability. As a leading debit program manager, an award winning fintech innovator, and a proven employee disbursement platform, we believe that rapid! Disbursement’s unique breadth of integrated assets and competencies is a compelling opportunity for payroll executives looking at their ePayroll delivery process for today and tomorrow while providing their company cost savings and productivity increases.

rapid! PayCard provides the most comprehensive PayCard program for employers converting to electronic payroll delivery at zero cost while providing the benefits of a robust PayCard solution to employees. We provide industry leading features like automated inventory control, cash back rewards, interest bearing savings, and mobile onboarding.

Why PayCards
Reduce Cost - Expand direct deposit participation and generate significant cost savings
Improve Efficiency - Expand electronic direct deposit and eliminate paper pay check and wage statements
Increase Corporate Environmental Responsibility - Improve your direct deposit participation in a simple, safe and smart way
Employer Advantages
rapid! PayCard - convert all employees over to standard direct deposit. Eliminate Payroll checks.
ePayStub - Provide paystubs electronically to all employees and eliminate paystub distribution.
eW2 - Reduce your company’s requirement to mail paper W2’s by providing electronic access.
Employee Advantages
A safe, secure and hassle-free way to collect, manage and ultimately spend your hard-earned money
PayCards offer the convenience of a debit card and more security than carrying cash
Requires no credit check and can be instantly provided by the employer, facilitating payroll access.
rapid! On Demand