Money Network®

The Money Network® Service helps simplify and optimize payroll delivery and reduce administration costs with our electronic payroll delivery service, while making it easier for workers to receive their wages electronically and manage their finances. Learn more at

Employee Benefits:

CONVENIENCE. Wages are deposited directly into their Money Network Account each payday and can be accessed using Money Network Checks or Money Network Card.

SECURITY. Benefit from unique safety and security measures combining proactive protection with EMV chip cards and third party fraud monitoring.

OPTIONS. Deposit all or a portion of wages and take advantage of convenient features to manage their money.

PROTECTION. Immediate access to their FDIC-insured funds, zero-liability protection for unauthorized Card purchases and 24/7 customer service.

CONTROL. Only spend what is available in their Account, avoiding overdraft fees.

Company Benefits:

SIMPLICITY. Streamline wage payment and administration by reducing reliance on company-issued paper checks.

SECURITY. Benefit from leading cybersecurity systems that monitor, detect and help minimize third party fraud.

SAVINGS. Reduce delivery and replacement of company-issued paper check costs.

EXPERTISE. Benefit from industry leaders with 20+ year experience in prepaid debit processing.

COMPLIANCE. Help achieve 100% electronic pay with Check and optional Card, and staff monitors regulatory changes impacting wage payments.

Money Network®